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Situations lead crimping machine to do poor wire crimp.
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Auto Wire Crimping Machine really brings great convenience to the wire harness processing industry and meets the requirements of stable work and production. But sometimes, there will be some problems, but do not know how to solve, such as poor crimping and other problems. Generally, there are several cases of poor crimping. On the problem of poor wiring of the fully automatic crimping machine, let's briefly talk about several cases.

Several Situations lead crimping machine to do poor wire crimp.

First, Crimper Loosening.

Automatic wire crimping machine is divided into different module set such as the cutter with stripping function, crimper mold and insertion head and so on. If the crimper is not fixed well on the working table, it will cause bad crimping effect. To ensure the crimper is absolutely fixed firmly on the position.

Second, applicator mold is not in right position.

At the crimper, the most important part is the pneumatic applicator to crimp the wire with terminal, if its position is not in right position or angel, the wire cannot go inside of terminal in good position. In this case, it is not possible to keep good crimping effect.

Third, the setup data of crimping machine is not accurate.

Automatic crimping machine is controlled by servo system, which like there are several deliver gripper to pick the wire to different working station. If the data is not properly, the machine will lead bigger tolerances at the delivering position, then make the bad result of wire crimping.

terminal crimpingcrimping machine

When using a fully automatic wire crimping machine, when find the bad wiring harness, see if it is caused by these three reasons. Only by analyzing and finding the root cause, then we can solve the problem from the root cause.

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