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How Do effectively reduce risk of Wire Crimping machine?
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If the fully automatic wire crimping machine is operated, the operation risk needs to be reduced, and special attention should be paid to the following four points: using special personnel operation instruction for the first time, installing knives, replacing terminals and good products, and classifying waste and defective products. Only in this way can we ensure that the machine is safer under the operation of the operator and will not threaten the personal safety of the operator.

How Do effectively reduce risk of Wire Crimping machine?

wire crimping machine

First, the operation instruction of using special personnel for the first time.

For workers who come to operate the fully automatic wire crimping machine for the first time, they need to complete the operation under the guidance of experienced personnel, and those who do not know how to operate the wire crimping machine are prohibited to operate the terminal machine alone.When using the crimping machine for the first time, it is necessary to be familiar with and understand the instructions and specific procedures of the machine in order to effectively reduce the danger of the terminal machine.

Second, pay attention to the installation of knives.

The knife should be loaded by the designated personnel. before loading the knife, manual comparison should be carried out to see if the selected blade is matched.Once there is no error in the comparison, the knife can be loaded.After completing the installation of the knife, you need to use the hand to shake and test, which requires first to turn off the power of the automatic wire crimping machine, press the adjustment button, and use a special wrench to shake the main driven wheel to maximize the stamping stroke of the crimping machine.If the hand does not move, see if there is too much pressure or other problems, you need to check and debug normally.Before the operation, it is necessary to check the locking screws to make sure that they are not loose.

Third, replace the terminal.

When changing the terminal, it is necessary to turn off the power supply first, and then change the job. When the machine is no longer running, it will be replaced.

IV. Classification of good products and defective products.

After production, we need to sort out the good products, waste and inferior products, and clean up the environmental sanitation around the machine.Ensure that when use wire crimping machine again, it will not cause safety accidents due to the residue of leftover materials.

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