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Under the background of advocating conservation and environmental protection around the world, new energy vehicles have become the inevitable trend of automobile development. According to the data of the White Paper on the Development of China's New Energy Vehicle Industry (2023), the global sales of new energy passenger vehicles exceeded 10 million units for the first time in 2022, reaching 10.824 million units, an increase of 61.6% over the same period last year. China's new energy vehicle sales are far ahead of other markets in the world, of which 6.884 million new energy vehicles are sold in China, with a market share (40.5% in 2020 and 51% in 2021) to 63.6%.
He has been number one in the world for eight years in a row, winning not only the top of China's auto market, but also the champion of the global new energy vehicle market for the first time. At the same time, the development of more subversive intelligent connected cars is also accelerating, and Internet giants and other emerging participants are actively pouring into the market. There is no doubt that new energy and intelligent net cars have become the mainstream of the automotive industry, and the demand for suitable wiring harness will also increase greatly.


Automobile wire harness - the nervous system of the car.

The automobile wire harness is the network main body of the automobile circuit, and it is the connection component of automobile electrical system, which is used to transmit signals or electric power. The operating conditions and parameters of the car are directly reflected on the on-board computer through the wire harness, so it has always been called the "nervous system" of the car. The electronic technology content of automobile wire harness has gradually become an important index to evaluate automobile performance.

The new energy vehicle market brings new development opportunities for the wire harness industry.

The market of automobile wiring harness expands with the evolution trend of vehicle intelligence and electrification, as well as the improvement of the permeability of new energy vehicles. The sales volume of domestic automobile wiring harness is about 83 billion yuan in 2022, and it is expected to reach 100 billion yuan in 2023, and the global market of automobile wiring harness is expected to be close to 300 billion yuan in 2025. The hot new energy vehicle market brings new development opportunities for the wire harness industry.

Compared with traditional vehicles, the electronic system of new energy vehicles has more stringent requirements in physics and performance. Taking the automotive connector and wire harness subdivision industry in the automotive electronics industry as an example, the automotive connector and wire harness are the key components for signal transmission in the automotive electronic system. It organically connects the vehicle central control unit, the automobile control unit, the electrical and electronic execution unit and the electrical devices.

Generally speaking, the consumption of traditional automobile wire harness and connector is about 200and 350respectively, and the value of bicycle connector and wire harness is about 3000-5000 yuan. However, with the development of automotive electronics, intelligence, networking and new energy, the value of bicycle connectors and wire harness will be raised to 20000 yuan, indicating that the automotive electronic connector and wire harness industry has a broader space for development.

日精智能 助力新能源汽车线束加工智造升级
Vehicle harness distribution

In addition, the electronic equipment of new energy vehicles is more complex and needs more comprehensive with powerful wire harness functions to meet. The requirements of new energy vehicle wiring harness are quite different from those of traditional automobile wiring harness.

First, the new energy vehicle wire harness works in a high-current and high-voltage environment, which can easily lead to wire harness heating, so the wire harness needs to be designed thicker to facilitate heat dissipation.

Second, because the motor of the new energy vehicle is generally installed in the front position, and the battery is generally installed in the rear position of the car, for the safety of the car, the wire harness can't be placed in the car like the traditional car, but the wiring outside the car is required. Therefore, its mechanical protection is very important, such as moisture, moisture and so on.

Third, because the motors of new energy vehicles all use alternating current, the interference is very serious, so the wire harness is required to shield interference and have good tightness.

JMK intelligently focuses on automatic processing equipment of automobile wiring harness to speed up the upgrading of enterprise intelligence. 
Based on the very strict requirements of equipment stability and machining accuracy in automobile wire harness processing, under the general trend of increasing demand for intelligence and automation in the automotive industry, Shenzhen JMK Electromechanical Co., Ltd. focuses on new energy automobile wire harness automatic processing equipment solutions, R & D and manufacturing. New energy automobile wire harness fully automatic terminal crimping machine, waterproof bolt wearing machine, automatic terminal machine, insert housing machine, tin dipping machine and other wire harness processing equipment have been launched successively, with stable and reliable performance, which can fully meet the high standard processing requirements of automobile wire harness. Our factory has set up its own CNC machining center, precision grinder and R & D center, deep ploughing wire harness automation field for nearly 20 years, independent research and development, has obtained dozens of patents.

JMK Intelligent Automotive Wire Harness Processing Equipment

Wire harness production and processing itself is a labor-intensive industry, with the changes in the labor market, labor costs begin to become higher and higher, forcing enterprises to increase production costs. To meet the requirement of the new demand of new energy automobile wiring harness, it is bound to trigger a technological revolution in the wire harness processing industry. JMK intelligent automatic terminal crimping machine, the front end of the wire cutting, peeling and pressing process is completed by the machine automatically, saving labor costs, each processing process has quality monitoring, terminal crimping force monitoring, CCD visual inspection, etc., to ensure the separation of good and defective products. From manual, semi-automatic to automatic production, the improvement of efficiency not only reduces labor costs, but also improves and ensures the quality of products.


JMK Intelligence launches a fully automatic terminal pressing machine for the new energy vehicle market. 

JMK Intelligence, Its JM-555 is a new model designed specifically for wire harness processing of new energy vehicles. The use of multi-station open platform, computer numerical control operating system, digital, graphical man-machine interface, easy to learn and use, production management is more convenient. Equipped with high-speed control system and rigid drive mechanism, precision servo motor and pneumatic components, the equipment has stable and reliable performance in high precision, which can meet the high-precision machining requirements such as wire harness processing of new energy vehicles. Dynamic programmable servo driver can easily adjust parameters and modules to ensure stable processing and accuracy. Mature crimping technology and quality management system, terminal crimping height measuring device, crimping force analyzer and CCD image monitoring system are perfectly integrated.

JMK JM-555 Automatic Terminal Crimping Machine

Wire harness processing intelligence upgrading, JMK intelligence helps enterprise industry 4.0 transformation. 

From automobile, consumer electronics, computer, communication, industrial control, medical treatment to aerospace, wire harness and connectors are indispensable as the medium of data transmission and power supply. With the rapid development of application fields, the requirements of harness processing and connector manufacturing technology are getting higher and higher. 

JMK intelligent has engaged in automation field for nearly 20 years, focusing on new energy vehicles / electronic high-end wire harness automation equipment R & D, manufacturing and innovation, providing enterprises with automation system solutions, as well as a sound management system, a set of modernization, science and technology and diversified development as one, adhering to the spirit of improving craftsmen, relying on scientific and technological innovation, adhere to the customer first, consistent service concept. 
It is striding towards achieving the goal of "intelligence, refinement and automation", leading China's intelligent manufacturing industry 4.0, helping enterprises to make digital transformation and realizing a truly intelligent factory. (Editor: JMK Intelligence)

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