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How To Set Wire Harness Tension On Automatic Crimping Machine
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When using automatic crimping machine, the tension value of wire should be different for different wires harness. In fact, there are all kinds of pressure, and the pressure value of the stamping joint also needs to be set corresponding to the parameters.

In the production of all kinds of wire harness, many factories have used fully automatic terminal machines in order to improve production efficiency, and there are many related details about the use of fully automatic terminal machines. For different wire harness, because its size and thickness are not the same, so the pulling force of the fully automatic terminal machine is not the same.
The following is the comparison table of wire tension of automatic terminal machine:

wire harness

Finished Wire Harness


Tension comparison table of different cable specifications

As can be seen from the above figure, the pull value corresponding to the fully automatic terminal machine will be related to several parameters, cable specification, cross-sectional area, maximum current, to the corresponding tension standard. Because different cable specifications, sizes and other parameters are not the same, so the tension corresponding to the automatic terminal machine is also different. Therefore, it is important to note that when changing different wire harness production, you need to set the parameters according to these comparison tables. SOP is usually done in a regular harness factory, and these important parameters should be documented. Here lbs is the abbreviation of English pound, 1 pound = 0.224719 newtons, 1kg = 2.21 pounds

Mechanical linker joint and crimping connection, stamping joint and connection piece force requirements:


Terminal crimping pressure and wire core tension

This table is more standardized and careful. It not only lists the tension traction values of different conductors in the automatic terminal, but also gives the corresponding values of tension and pressure, such as terminal crimping, stamping joints and so on. the actual inductance coil winding machine also has such a wire tension comparison table.

In short, different wires, that is, the wire harness, when using the fully automatic terminal machine, the tension traction value is different, but in fact, there are all kinds of pressure, the pressure value of the stamping joint also needs to set parameters. The above two tables are the comparison tables of wire tension of the automatic terminal machine corresponding to different wires. However, it is worth noting that each brand and model of the fully automatic terminal machine may be different in design, the corresponding wire tension value and terminal pressure value are different, so be sure to cooperate with the correct parameters according to the specifications of the fully automatic terminal machine purchased by yourself.

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