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How to Choose Good Automatic Crimping Machine? - JMK
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The importance of choosing a good automatic crimping machine

The selection of high-quality automatic crimping machine not only enables the company to win profits and save manpower, but also improves the corporate image and enjoys a wide reputation in the industry. The fully automatic terminal machine is also known as the automatic peeling and pressing machine, which is grafted together with the functions of feeding and cutting, in which the wire feeding frame of the terminal machine is used with the fully automatic terminal machine, and the wire frame of the stripping machine is suitable for the full-automatic computer stripping machine. The wire stripping machine wire frame is suitable for the wire stripping machine, mainly sending the wire to the wire stripping machine for more stable and fast wire delivery. So, to choose high-quality fully automatic terminal machine is the key to the success.

Types of crimping machines

The terminal crimping machine can be classified as automatic crimping machine, stripping and taping terminal machine, ultra-quiet terminal crimping machine, pneumatic terminal crimping machine, wiring terminal machine, computer wire automatic peeling terminal machine, pin machine terminal machine, gold wire terminal crimping machine, etc.

automatic crimping machineautomatic crimping machine

Fully Automatic Crimping Machine

The operation process of the fully automatic terminal crimping machine is relatively simple, because it is a fully automatic way, so more labor-saving, first of all, to turn on the power terminal machine switch, the power indicator begins to use it. 
The support tool of the blade must be compared by hand, and the comparison of the knife is correct. After the knife is completed, the manual test must be used and the terminal equipment needs to be hit. The inner hexagon wrench adjusts the use of the feed plate so that the terminal can pass easily. In the production process, the terminal operator must check whether there are plastic bags, hanging and other defects, and a terminal tension test every hour.

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