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New automatic connector housing machine - terminal crimping
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New automatic connector housing machine - terminal crimping developed by JMK  that it has been well received by the number of wire harness assembly factories. JM-601A double ends tips crimping and connector housing adopts full servo control system, and equipped with crimping force detection and CCD camera check, which can detect the quality of whole wire harness processing online. Therefore, It can automatically sort bad products, so as to achieve the effect of intelligent, efficient, time-saving and labor-saving.

automatic connector housing machine

JM-601A Automatic connector housing machine - Terminal crimping & Tinning machine.

It's a fully automatic multi-function wire harness processing equipment that integrates the functions of wire cutting and stripping, tin dipping, crimping and shell insertion. It has the advantages of simple operation, convenient product switching, complete functions, high efficiency and speed, and is very suitable for the insertion of some simple but demanding wire harness terminals. The terminal insertion station is equipped with an automatic vibration feeder, which really achieves the fully unmanned wire harness processing process.

wire harness assembly processing

Application of  Automatic connector housing machine - Terminal crimping & Tinning machine

It is widely used in automobile manufacturing, home appliance production and other related industries that require high precision wire harness processing, and its high accuracy and efficient performance is more and more favored by manufacturers in related fields. Under the background of the rapid development of communications, home appliances, automobile and industrial information, efficient and intelligent wire harness processing is becoming more and more important. In the past, the disadvantages of manual assembly of wire harness are becoming more and more prominent, such as low efficiency, high cost, many defective products, and tedious testing methods, which increasingly restrict the development of wire harness assembly, so intelligent automatic equipment such as JM-601A will be favored by all customers.

automatic connector housing machine

automatic connector housing machine

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