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How To Main Automatic Crimping Machine - JMK
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Automatic crimping machine in wire harness processing market

Automatic crimping machine is a kind of equipment that presses the terminal and wire together, then forming the wire harness by a certain external mechanical force, which makes the two kinds of materials join closely, so as to achieve the purpose of electrical conduction or firm bonding. Therefore, precision crimping machine can ensure good crimping quality. Advanced automatic crimping machines are equipped with automatic crimping pressure detecting and CCD visual monitoring, because fully automatic crimping machines are generally used in industries with higher requirements of wire harness.

Automatic Crimping MachineAutomatic Crimping Machine

It is very important to maintain the automatic crimping machine.

It is precisely because of the importance of automatic crimping machine in wire harness processing, in order to ensure that the equipment can always work with high efficiency and long life in good condition, we must learn the maintenance of automatic crimping machine. Here the following are some maintenance suggestions from JMK professional engineers.

Maintain Suggestion of Automatic Crimping Machine

First, for the newly purchased crimping machine, if he/she is a new operator, the operator must understand the safety operation specifications of the fully automatic terminal machine to prevent unnecessary losses caused by improper operation during the novice operation. At the same time, operating the crimping machine also needs to pay attention to the safety of operation. The safe operation of the terminal machine ensures the safety of the operation.

Second, if the machine is abnormal in the course of operation, turn off the power supply first, and ask the machine repairman to carry out maintenance and debugging in time. Non-designated personnel are strictly forbidden to debug or disassemble the machine parts privately. During maintenance and commissioning, the power supply of the machine must be turned off to prevent safety problems in the maintenance process.

Third, clean the terminal machine after use, also the operator should clean the machine every day in order to remove debris, dust and excess oil on the machine surface; when using the machine, if it is found that the stamping guide rail of the terminal machine is not lubricated, it is better we can add oil lubrication once every 2 hours, then the refueling hole is on the top of the terminal machine, do not refuel too much each time, 2-3 drops are appropriate. At the same time, the main speed bearing of the terminal machine must be buttered weekly: maintenance in the course of use is the most important.

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