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Nice performance of high voltage terminal crimping machine.
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High voltage terminal crimping machine is been improved by JMK for large square and thick cable harness processing, high efficiency and replace manual. Because of the special customized design, it solves the disadvantage that the thicker cable is difficult to process and must be manually used. it is a very powerful power equipment in the high voltage wire harness processing industry and in the field of energy storage and new energy harness.

high voltage terminal crimping machine

High voltage terminal crimping machine for thick cable harness

Design objectives of high voltage terminal crimping machine:

This high voltage terminal crimping machine is customized by JMK - JMK Intelligent according to the thick wire harness sample requirements provided by customers, cutting, peeling, crimping, wearing heat-shrinkable tube, dialing tube and so on. The whole process quality control, automatic sorting of defective products, automatic production process with continuous, efficient and high quality products, and reduce manual cost reduction.

thick cable harness sample

thick cable harness sample

Design requirements by high voltage terminal crimping machine:

1. The overall design and installation quality of the equipment is in line with the relevant national standards, the structure and technology is reasonable and installed in place according to the standard process. The setting is easy to operate, safe and labor-saving, and the logo is clear. 

2. The finished products all meet the requirements of the drawings and the appearance meets the requirements of customers.

3. Operator: 1 person is mainly used for feeding and can supervise 4 or 5 machines at the same time. 

4. The surfaces of all parts of the equipment are electroplated and heat treated, and the machine frame is sprayed with square tube welding surface. 

5. The machine is controlled by PLC, with abnormal stop alarm function, the real-time abnormal alarm is displayed on the touch screen in real time, and has the function of fault self-diagnosis. 

6. The design and manufacture of the equipment fully takes into account the stability of product quality and the adaptability of varieties, and the open structure design is convenient for the later category, type transformation and equipment technology upgrading. 

7. During the operation of the equipment, there is no abnormal sound, and the smell, vibration and temperature rise meet the standard.

8. The equipment has good and comprehensive safety protection measures, and mechanical parts such as transmission belts, shafts, transmission chains, couplings and gears are equipped with safety guards.

Speed: 4.5s~6s/pcs (determined by the length of the product line).
Output: 600 million 800 pounds per hour (specifically determined by the length of the product line)

high voltage terminal crimping machine

high voltage terminal crimping machine

high voltage terminal crimping machine

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