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Advantages of modular design in wire harness machine - JMK
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Automatic terminal crimping machine is widely used in many industries, especially in electrical manufacturing and automobile industry, and they all adopt modular design. Because there are too many kinds of wire harness, and the requirements are different; some only need to do terminal crimping and tin dipping, some need to do connector insert housing, some need heat shrinkable tube or number tube, some need to add waterproof seal, some need stranded wire and so on. Most wire harness processing factories would assembly different types of wire harness for users at the same time. If all the functions mentioned above are to customize different machines, the factory needs to purchase a large number of equipment, which is costly and inefficient; and it is impossible for a few machines to achieve all the functions. At this time, modular Automatic terminal crimping machine is the best choice.

Automatic terminal crimping machine
JMK Automatic terminal crimping machine

automobile wire harness assembly

Why does the Automatic terminal crimping machine use modular design?

Modular design is a design method that decomposes a large system or application into relatively independent small modules that can be developed, tested and deployed independently. The use of modular design can bring the following benefits to the Automatic terminal crimping machine:

Reduce complexity:

The modular design divides the complex system of Automatic terminal crimping machine into small modules, each of which only pays attention to its own function, which reduces the complexity of the whole system and is easy to develop and maintain. Usually, the Automatic terminal crimping machine has many functions system, such as cable feeding and cutting, stripping, crimping, house inserting and so on.

Improve reusability:

Modules in modular design can be independently developed, tested, deployed and maintained, and these modules can be shared and reused by multiple systems or applications, improving the reusability and scalability of the whole system. In this way, the Automatic terminal crimping machine can be equipped with different modules to efficiently adapt to different wire harness processing requirements.

seal stationcrimping applicator

Seal Station and crimping applicator

Improve testability:

Modular design can be tested independently, so that problems can be found and located more quickly, and the testability of the system is improved. And modular design can greatly save the cycle of each test step and related materials.

Improve development efficiency:

Modular design can be developed in parallel, and different teams can develop different modules at the same time, thus improving development efficiency, so that harness machine can develop more efficient functions.

Improve the reliability and security of the system:

The modules in the modular design can be independent of each other, and each module has independent input and output, which can better control the flow and security of data and improve the reliability and security of the whole system.

Automatic terminal crimping machineAutomatic terminal crimping machine

Standard Workstations

Advantages of modularization of Automatic terminal crimping machine.

After the modular design of the Automatic terminal crimping machine, we can design different wire harness function worktable into unified standard size stations. In this way, a standard mechanical frame can be designed and then matched with different worktables; for example, JMK's wire harness machining center JM-800, which can be designed as a separate functional table, such as crimping applicator, waterproof seal station, number pipe workbench, insert housing workbench, etc.

wire harness processing equipment

wire harness processing equipment

This kind of Automatic terminal crimping machine design can not only unify the production of a standardized framework to save resources and improve the efficiency of the machine, but also assemble the corresponding work units according to the requirements of the wire harness to complete the wire harness processing. and through the intelligent central control system to adjust the cooperation between subsystems. So that we can adjust the configuration of modules according to the requirements of wire harness processing, greatly improve the maneuverability of the harness machine, and later can be updated and improved according to specific requirements, so as to continuously give full play to the maximum effect of the harness machine.

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