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Optional Function and Features of Terminal Crimping Machine
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Terminal crimping machine effectively reduces the long-span cooperation of various mechanisms in the process of traditional wire harness assembly operation. After adopting full servo motor control and modular design, the terminal crimping machine can complete more automatic processes such as cable feeding, stripping, terminal crimping and connector insertion at the same time, which is more efficient, stable and easier to operate. In particular, it can be added with optional functions according to different requirements. Now let the editor from JMK introduces what common optional functions are available in the automatic terminal crimping machine.

terminal crimping machine

Standard configuration of JMK - terminal crimping machine

At present, the more advanced terminals, such as the ESQ series produced by JMK, are equipped with CCD camera detection, which is mainly used for crimping effect of wire harness, and is equipped with CFM crimping force immediate test alarm function, these are the standard configurations of ESQ automatic terminal crimping machines. In addition, however, the terminal crimping machine can also be equipped with other functions.

wire harness assembly

wire harness assembly

Optional function with stations of terminal crimping machine.

1. Tin dipping table - tin on one end of the wire harness to save manual operation.

2. Number tube insertion - automatically insert the number tube before the terminal crimping.

3. Insert heat shrink sleeve tube and waterproof seal - automatically insert the sleeve shrink tube or waterproof seal.

4. Connector insert housing - insert the harness into the connector after crimping of the terminal to complete the whole harness processing.

Tin dipping is very popular in wire harness processing, this kind of harness are always used in PCB connection with each system. In the past, this kind of wire harness needed to be manually soldered on the circuit board, which was inefficient and easy to produce defective products, and solder was also harmful to labor, but after the automatic terminal crimping machine selected the point tin function, the wire harness was combined with spot tin. In the back processing, only tools are needed to hot connect the wire harness on the circuit board, which can not only greatly improve the efficiency, but also liberate the labor force.

dipping tin terminal crimping machine

Inserting number tube is also very common in wire harness it will require a lot of manpower if manual operation is used, moreover, it is necessary to purchase number code printing machine and pipe cutting machine separately, which is inefficient and has many working procedures; adding a number tube workbench on the automatic crimping machine can complete the whole process automatically.

inserting number tube

Terminal crimping machine with number tube inserting station.

In order to be waterproof and moisture-proof, many wire harnesses need to be sealed with heat-shrinkable pipes or waterproof seals at the crimping end, but manual operation is very slow, and the defective product rate is very high. Increasing the automatic worktable can greatly reduce the defective products and increase the processing speed exponentially.

Automatic terminal crimping machine

Seal station on terminal crimping machine

Insert housing is basically the last step of wire harness processing. in the past, terminal machines only crimped the wire harness and manually connected the wire harness with the plastic connector, but with the wide application of high-precision servo control, this process can also be completed by increasing the automatic workstation and reducing the rate of defective products caused by manual operation.

double end crimping and insert housing machine

double end crimping and insert housing machine

double end crimping and insert housing machine

In addition, the terminal crimping machine can also add functions such as cable twisting or inkjet printing. JMK has 20 years of experience in manufacturing harness processing equipment and has provided hundreds of enterprises with thousands of harness assembly machines with different functions. If there are other functional requirements for the terminal crimping machine, please contact a professional JMK sales engineer to provide a solution.

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