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What Is The function of Automotive Wire Harness?
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Automobile Wire Harness

The function of the automobile wire harness is the basic carrier of the automobile internal communication, and they are the network main body of the automobile circuit, which connects the electrical and electronic components of the automobile and makes it function. Without these wire harness, there is no automobile circuit. The automobile wire harness is made of copper and the contact terminal is crimped with the wire and cable, then the insulator or metal shell is molded on the outside, and the wire harness is tied to form the assembly of the connecting circuit.  At present, whether it is a high-end luxury car or an economical ordinary car, the form of the wire harness is basically the same, which is composed of wires, connectors and wrapping tape, which should not only ensure the transmission of electrical signals, but also ensure the reliability of the connecting circuits. supply specified current values to electronic and electrical components to prevent electromagnetic interference to surrounding circuits and eliminate electrical short circuit. 

automobile wire harnesswire harnesswire harness

It is best to use automatic crimping machine to process automobile wire harness

Based on the characteristics of the above automobile wire harness, as the carrier of the electric circuit connection of the whole automobile, wire harness is very important to the normal use of the electrical function of the whole vehicle. With the continuous enrichment of the functional configuration of automobile electrical appliances, the functional connection points of electrical appliances carried by the automobile wire harness are also increasing. Among the technical points to ensure the connection reliability of the automobile wire harness, the terminal crimping technology involves many processes.

The difficulty of mechanical control is complex, and there are the most problems in the practical application level:  One is the stability of the contact performance of the connector itself, and the other is the crimping stability of the wire and the connector terminal.

Therefore, the fully automatic wire harness crimping machine with pressure detection and CCD visual online inspection is absolutely necessary.

composite automobile multi terminals wire housing machine

JM-800 Automotive Industry Specialist Wire Harness Processing Equipment

JM-800 is a composite automobile multi terminals wire housing machine independently developed by JMK for the automotive field. It can crimp 12 different terminals and thread 6 waterproof plugs, support a variety of different plastic case insertion and 18 ~ 28# line number production. It adopts a multi-station open platform, precision servo drive mechanism. The JM-800 is certainly a fine machine with great precision and processing ability.

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