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Want to fully understand automatic crimping machine? - JMK
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Automatic crimping machine adopts full servo technology and electronic positioning is accurate, also the working noise of crimping applicator is 10 times lower. Automatic crimping machine has many functions, such as automatic double-head cutting, stripping, end-punching, back-end semi-stripping and so on, with high precision, high speed and stable performance. And using interface touch screen, so the function is clear and easy to operate. It is convenient and quick to adjust the crimping mold, so it avoids common faults such as traditional terminal clutch and electromagnet.

automatic crimping machineterminal crimping machine

Fully Automatic Crimping Machine with Extra Wire Processing Function

The characteristic of automatic crimping machine. 

First of all, the automatic crimping machine adopts full touch screen control and diversified programming, which can change all kinds of processing dimensions in real time. At the same time, it can complete parallel line bifurcation, cutting, stripping and terminal crimping at one time, with a high speed and an average output of 3200 pieces per hour. And the terminal crimping machine solves the problems of large amount of labor, many working procedures and low efficiency in the traditional operation. More ever, it can be used to process double parallel lines, braided lines, polytetrafluoroethylene, Gui angle lines, etc.

touch screen controlcable pulling

The touch screen panel and servo control of automatic crimping machine

Secondly, the wire length and stripping head length of the automatic crimping machine are directly set by the touch screen menu panel, so it has the characteristics of fast adjustment of basic performance, short adjustment time and simple operation. Then the terminal crimping machine is equipped with accurate pulse signal control servo motor wire feeding mechanism, which can control the wire cutting tolerance within 0.2% of the total length, so that the processed products can achieve a higher unified standard quality.

wire harness with terminal crimpingwire harness with terminal crimping

wire harness with terminal crimping

In addition, automatic crimping machine uses a variety of detection devices, which can be used for wire breaking, knotting, missing terminals, abnormal terminal crimping and so on. Therefore, it ensures the safety of the machine and saves materials while ensuring the products. Meanwhile, the terminal crimping machine uses photoelectric sensing technology to locate the quasi-missing parts. Besides, the fixed torque adjustment technology is adopted to automatically control the tightening torque of the fastener. Then it realizes automatic detection of product performance, automatic fault judgment and alarm.

Finally, the automatic crimping machine uses the imported track to control its stroke to make its work fast and stable, and to ensure that the product is in good condition. When dealing with long wire, the operator can choose to tighten the conveyor belt automatically to ensure that the wire can be placed straight and neatly in the receiving tray after treatment. We can also choose the terminal pressure real-time management system, and automatically alarm and stop when the pressure is abnormal, thus ensuring 100% output.

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