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Full Automatic Thick Cable Terminal Crimping Machine - JMK
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Automatic Thick cable terminal crimping machine is specially designed for large square cable, which solves the obstacle for workers to process thick harness processing. If manual equipment is used, thick cable cutting and stripping will take a lot of effort, even prone to injury, etc.; cooperating with semi-automatic crimping table will consume a lot of time and manpower, resulting in low efficiency; and the fully automatic thick cable terminal crimping machine - JM-S300 designed and produced by JMK will effectively solve the above problems and greatly improve production efficiency.

automatic thick cable terminal crimping machine

Automatic Thick cable terminal crimping machine

thick cable terminal crimping

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How does it work for thick cable crimping?

First of all, the Fully automatic thick cable terminal crimping machine - JM-S300 uses the rotary knife arm design to solve the thick cable cutting and stripping, because the cable core and protective skin are very thick, cannot use the traditional direct cutting blade design, or it is easy to damage the blade and cannot effectively peel; this kind of rotary knife arm can solve these problems perfectly.

Rotated cutting knife

Rotated Cutting Knife

Secondly, it is equipped with high pressure servo crimping applicator, which can choose different crimping force input and on-line detection CFM for different terminals to ensure firm crimping. In addition, JMK also designs the 50T super crimping table for ultra-thick cables. In addition, this crimping machine adopts a modular design, so it is very convenient to change crimping table and crimping die.

50T crimping applicator30T crimping applicator

50T CNC Hydraulic Crimping Applicator And 30T Servo Crimping Applicator

Then, we design a targeted terminal bowl feeder, which can automatically place the terminal to the crimping position with servo gripper and realize the automatic production process.

Finally, the fully automatic thick cable terminal crimping machine - JM-S300 uses the latest type of cable feeding and feeding device, unlike thin wire, which can be fed directly through arbitrarily placed rollers, thick cable needs this special device to ensure the smoothness of the feeding cable, otherwise, due to the large twisting force and cable diameter, there will be obstacles that cannot be fed. This special device of JMK can solve this problem very well.

bowl feeder

Design requirements of automatic thick cable terminal crimping machine - JM-S300

1. The overall design and installation quality of the equipment is in line with the relevant national standards, the structure and technology is reasonable and installed in place according to the standard process. The setting is easy to operate, safe and labor-saving, and the logo is clear.

2. The finished products all meet the requirements of the drawings, and the appearance meets the requirements of customers.

3. Operator required:1 person is mainly used for feeding and can supervise 4 or 5 machines at the same time.

4. The surfaces of all parts of the equipment are electroplated and heat treated, and the machine frame is sprayed with square tube welding surface.

5. The machine is controlled by PLC and equipped with abnormal shutdown alarm function. The real-time alarm is displayed on the touch screen in real time and has the function of fault self-diagnosis.

6. The stability of product quality and the adaptability of varieties are fully considered in the design and manufacture of equipment. Open structure design is convenient for later category, type transformation and equipment technology upgrading.

7. During the operation of the equipment, there is no abnormal sound, and the smell, vibration and temperature rise meet the standard.

8. The equipment has good and comprehensive safety protection measures, and safety shields are installed in mechanical parts such as transmission belts, shafts, transmission chains, couplings and gears.

Speed: 4.5s~6s/pcs (determined by the length of the product line). 
Output: 600 million 800 pounds per hour (specifically determined by the length of the product line)

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