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The most important knowledge of wire harness processing
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Wire harness processing is mainly used to make electronic wire harness, and wire harness is a part formed by electrical connection cables bundled into harness. Electronic products and electronic equipment show the development trend of miniaturization and high density, especially in the automobile industry, under this background, the market demand for wire harness continues to grow, and in the research, development and manufacturing of products, wire harness processing has also entered a new era of pursuing multi-variety, miniaturization, lightweight, high function, high durability, etc., and strive to meet all kinds of needs.

Automobile wire harness processing assembly

Automobile wire harness processing assembly

In order to meet these requirements, the rapid provision of high-quality new and improved products in on-line wire harness processing, the evaluation in research and development, and the appearance inspection in the manufacturing process must meet the requirements of higher correctness and speed. therefore, we need to understand some of the most important knowledge in wire harness processing.

wire harness processing machineautomobile wire harness processing machine

Automatic Wire Harness Processing Equipment

The most important knowledge of wire harness processing

First of all, learn about the manufacturing of the wire harness processing.

1. Terminal crimping and connector inserting.

The most basic process of terminal crimping and connector inserting, the wire harness needs good conduction and independent assembly ability, but if we want to pass through the line-to-line in the circuit, it is difficult to standardize the production and ensure the quality of the point-to-point circuit only through separate wires, so the core project of wire harness processing is to crimp the wire with a terminal and then insert the corresponding connector. At present, many wire harness processing equipment have this fully automatic modular design that can achieve these two functions at the same time, such as JMK wire harness processing equipment, JM-600, JM-800.

2. Protect Seal Cover. 

Due to the different functional conditions of wires and cables, special devices are used to cover different materials on the outside of the wire harness. Like many automobile harnesses, the harness needs to be resistant to wear, high temperature, waterproof, and signal shielding, and needs to be done during harness processing, such as adding waterproofing and casing, etc. It can be divided into the following types: 
A. Wrapping: Mica tape, nonwovens, paper tape, plastic bags and alkali-free fiberglass tape, in addition to these, there are fiber materials such as silk and cotton yarn. 
B. Vertical package: strips made of wrinkled aluminum strip and rubber.
C. Extruded bags: lead, plastic, rubber, aluminum and so on. 
D. Dipping paint: insulating paint, asphalt, etc.

3. Twisting process. 

The twisting process can be divided into wire twisting, braiding, winding, cable forming, steel wire armoring and so on. In order to improve the integrity and flexibility of the harness, multiple single lines can be intertwined in a specified direction. 

4. Pull and control. 

There are monofilament drawing and stranded drawing. When the metal is forced through the mold under the action of external force, the metal cross section is compressed to acquire the required cross section shape and size. This processing method is called metal drawing.

Secondly, copper wire is a very important part of the harness, and the quality of copper wire affects the quality of the harness. What are the inspection requirements for copper wire in the wire harness processing center?

1. Appearance inspection. 

Place the spool full of copper wire on the packing table, hold white paper in one hand and place it 1 - 2 cm away from the copper wire. With the other hand, roll the spool of the copper wire for a circle, and then visually check whether its appearance meets the following criteria.

A. The surface should be smooth, no messy lines, no oxidation, no scratches, etc. 
B. The arrangement of wires should be uniform, with no stacking edge and insufficient edge, and no stock formation phenomenon. 
C. The tension should be moderate, not too loose or too tight.
D. After the copper wire is rolled, the surface shall not stick to dust.

2. Wire diameter detection. 

The wire diameter shall be produced in accordance with the relevant standards. If the customer has special requirements, it should also be strictly controlled according to the requirements. The specific steps are as follows: 

A. adjust whether the micrometer is zero. Place the copper wire that needs to be checked outside the clamp wire of the micrometer and twist the end of the micrometer with appropriate force; immediately observe the reading after hearing the micrometer ring three times. 
B. It should be checked repeatedly until the reading is the same, and the same position cannot be checked every should be checked in segments.

3. Elongation test. 

The elongation should be inspected in accordance with the relevant standards, and if the customer has special requirements, it should also be strictly controlled according to the customer requirements, the specific steps are as follows: 

Switch on the elongation tester. Check whether the sensing clip on the left side of the copper wire is in the original position and whether the reading displayed on the instrument is zero. If the clip on the left is not in the original position and the reading displayed on the instrument is not zero, press the zero key and the restore key immediately.

wire crimpingconnector insertion

Terminal crimping and connector inserting

So, this is the end of today's part of the explanation on harness addition. This is the whole content of this article. I hope it will be helpful to those who want to know about harness processing. We will continue to share the knowledge about harness processing from time to time. Thanks very much for reading.  If you want to know more about wire harness processing quickly and directly, you can contact our JMK technology center.

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