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Big News: Chery Automobile Door Harness Automation Production Line JM-800
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Automobile Door Harness Automation Production Line JM-800, it is a combined wire harness multi-terminal connector insertion machine independently developed by JMK - Technology for the automotive field, supporting 30 line colors, equipped with 4 waterproof seal stations,8 crimping station, connector insertion, CFM pressure monitoring and CCD camera check, whole process quality control. Highly flexible plastic connector pallets can be embedded in many different types of plastic connectors to produce a large number of different types of specific wire harnesses with greater flexibility. Support non-standard customization, but also can flexibly expand a number of additional functions, with high flexibility, configuration of workstations, short product switching time, high machining precision and so on.

Chery Automobile Door Harness Automation Production Line JM-800

Automobile Door Harness Automation Production Line JM-800

Why use the automobile wire harness automation production line?

Automobile wire harness is equivalent to the whole nervous system of the automobile, so the requirements of automobile wire harness are strict and different. It is mainly in its electrical performance, temperature resistance and material dispersion, for example, the wire of the engine wire harness must be resistant to high temperature, oil, vibration and friction; the wire on the automatic transmission is resistant to high temperature, hydraulic oil and good stability; the wire harness on the lid of the suitcase must choose a low temperature environment to maintain its inherent elasticity, so cold elastic wires should be selected to ensure its normal work. ABS harness needs high temperature conditions, generally choose high temperature environment, hard insulation and wear resistance, but choose more than 133# stranded wires.

automobile wire harness

Various Kind of Automobile Wire Harness

Automobile wire harness automation production line, like JM-800 made by JMK, is the latest model with multi-functions such as wire stripping and cutting, terminal crimping and connector insertion, also can be freely added with different station such as water seal, number tube or heat sleeve shrink tube, which not only ensures the safety of wire rod in these products, but also solves the problem of thick wire of different length and length in the pursuit of advanced technology, which can perfectly solve all kinds of wire rod needed in the production process of automobile.

Inner Structure of Automobile Wire Harness Production Line

Machine Features:

Cable cutting, stripping at both ends, terminal crimping, wearing waterproof seals, a variety of plastic connectors are inserted, artificial connectors, U-shaped cables picking, good products / defective products are discharged and discharged automatically. Detection for lower pressure and no cable, cable overload detection, pressure error detection, terminal detection, terminal overload detection, terminal insertion detection, wire conduction, CFM pressure monitoring (optional), CDD visual inspection (optional). 

seal station and crimping applicator

CFM and CCD camera check

connector insertion mold

cable feeding and PC control

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