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What if the wire harness machine stops suddenly? - JMK
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Wire harness machine is a set of multi-function intelligent high-end harness processing equipment, with cutting, stripping, crimping and insertion together. Now wire harness machines are basically controlled by servos and intelligent displays. although the operation is much easier than traditional equipment, it is precisely because of intelligence and precision that the maintenance and operation of the machine should be more detailed and comprehensive, otherwise savage operation, poor maintenance and wrong troubleshooting methods will cause irreversible damage to the wire harness machine, affecting the service life of the machine and even the accident damage on the spot. Especially in the handling of wire harness shutdown errors for some reason, may cause greater failure in cases where the equipment itself is not a big problem.

wire harness machine

Terminal Crimping and Connector Insertion Automatic Wire Harness Machine

cable harness

Different application of wire harness

Then what if the wire harness machine stops suddenly?

First of all, check the status of the control display screen, read the alarm above before you can do the machine inspection, do not blindly open the safety shield to check the status of the wire harness machine, after understanding the problems reflected by the wire harness machine, press the emergency stop button of the machine and do the corresponding troubleshooting operation.

PC ControlCFM crimping force monitor

Digital PC control and CFM crimp force monitor

Secondly, after understanding the general situation of the fault, it is determined that if it is a simple accident, such as terminal error slave position or stuck cable, it can be reset directly and start the operation of the wire harness machine after elimination, but it is necessary to ensure that no other person is operating the equipment at the same time in the process of troubleshooting to prevent the equipment from injuring people. If it is like a servo code alarm, you need to hire a professional engineer to troubleshoot, do not do manual operation, to prevent greater failure damage.

crimping applicator

Crimping Applicator

In addition, after the designated professional troubleshooting, the engineer can not immediately leave and let the operator take over to continue the operation of the harness machine, but requires professionals to do further inspection and trial operation of each step of the equipment, such as EsunQ wire harness machine specifically designed click button and single cycle function, and then restart the automatic working state after the test. Otherwise, it is possible to cause further failure due to the change of parameters in other parts after troubleshooting.

safety glass chamber

Safety Glass Chamber

Finally, after the engineer troubleshooting and debugging, be sure to clean up the tools and materials left on the wire harness machine, the wire harness machine is composed of servo-controlled precision linkage accessories, once there is a foreign body causing blockage, it will cause great damage to the machine.

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