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Amazing Automatic Automobile Wire Harness Processing Machine
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Automobile wire harness processing machine is a very important intelligent equipment, especially with the arrival of modern automobile electronic modernization. The automobile wire harness is the carrier of the connection between the parts of the automobile circuit. Someone has made a vivid analogy before. The automobile wire harness is a blood vessel, the engine is the heart, the heart beats because of the blood vessels, and the engine runs because of the wire harness. It can be seen that the automobile wire harness is of great importance to the normal stability of the whole automobile circuit.

automobile wire harness

Full range of automobile wire harness

Why Choose Automatic Automobile Wire Harness Processing Machine.

With the development of automobile electronics, the development trend of automobile wire harness will become more and more prominent in economy, comfort and reliability, and the requirements of wire harness will become higher and higher. With the continuous enrichment of the functional configuration of automobile electrical appliances, the functional connection points of electrical appliances carried by the automobile wire harness are also increasing. Among the technical points to ensure the connection reliability of the automobile wire harness, the terminal crimping and connector insertion technology involves many processes.

automobile wire harness processing machine

Automatic automobile wire harness processing machine, like JM-800 made by JMK, is the latest model with multi-functions such as wire stripping and cutting, terminal crimping and connector insertion, also can be freely added with different station such as water seal, number tube or heat sleeve shrink tube, which not only ensures the safety of wire rod in these products, but also solves the problem of thick wire of different length and length in the pursuit of advanced technology, which can perfectly solve all kinds of wire rod needed in the production process of automobile.

Connector insertion machine JM-800

Multi Stations Automobile Wire Harness Processing Machine

Other Main Features of Automatic automobile wire harness processing machine.

1. Full digital display design, all parameter functions are perfectly integrated in the main control center, including displaying the running status of each subsystem and alarm prompt information, which is convenient for operators to adjust and operate.

2. All motion systems have servo control, so the product parameters are adjusted in a precise micron level, with high accuracy and simple operation; manual servo can be used to simulate the distance of each moving part, and then fine-tune the parameters, and then start the fully automatic mode with one click.

3. It can use the keyboard and mouse to directly preset the operation, and then use the mobile touch screen to adjust; and you can install the remote collaboration module, and the factory can directly assist the user in operation or maintenance. Avoid production delay because users are not familiar with the operation, and at the same time, equipment training and after-sales maintenance can be carried out online.

Main feature of automobile wire harness processing machine

4. CCD camera check system (optional) can be used to monitor the whole process of processing quality control, to ensure the premium quality of wire harness and Rule out defective harness. Equipped with crimping force monitor system - CFM to ensure the crimping effect of the wire harness and avoid useless operation in subsequent processes.

5. They adopt the most selected pneumatic push-pull force detection and alarm system to accurately detect the insertion force and pulling force when inserting the connectors, so as to ensure the quality of the insert connector, which is the core procedure in the processing of automobile wire harness.

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