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JMK-30 CFM Force Monitor system from JMK
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CFM force monitoring system, also known as crimping force monitor, it is a necessary equipment for crimping machine to ensure the crimping effect of terminals. JMK intelligent (single / double) channel pressure monitoring system adopts waveform reading method which is not easily affected by mechanical vibration, obtains stable waveform, and curve analysis crimping effect, triggers alarm when crimping is bad, captures pressure change when bad occurs in time, detects bad with high precision and reduces misjudgment at the same time, in order to prevent bad products from flowing out to cause quality problems.

CFM crimping force monitor

JMK intelligent JMK-30 2CH dual-channel CFM monitoring system

CFM crimping force monitor

JMK Intelligent JMK-30 1CH single Channel CFM Crimping Force Monitoring system

CFM crimping force monitor

JMK Intelligent JMK-30 CFM Host and Sensor

The advantage of JMK-30 CFM Force Monitor system from JMK

1. It can effectively detect the defects in the terminal crimping process, including rubber bite crimping position, broken copper wire crimping size change, terminal deformation, die damage and so on.

2. Can be used in a variety of automatic or semi-automatic crimping machines, using simple, stupid operation.

3. With the upper software, the functions such as data query and data export can be realized.

4. Advanced pressure curve algorithm to provide high-precision defect detection and reduce false positives.

5. Multi-learning template switching function, you can achieve a variety of wire rod to the same terminal. Each kind of wire has its own learning curve.

Schematic diagram of system composition

Size of CFM crimp force monitor

Installation case

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