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Emphasize the safe use of wire harness assembly machine.
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Wire harness assembly machine has entered the intelligent stage, and it is widely used in electrical and automobile industry, the harness quality be guaranteed. During the operation of the intelligent wire harness assembly machine, if the machine is abnormal, please turn off the power supply and invite maintenance personnel to repair and debug in time. During the operation, the power supply of the machine has been cut off, and any part of the finger or body is strictly prohibited from entering the drilling area to avoid accidents.

wire harness assembly machine
Automatic Intelligent Wire Harness Assembly Machine

When replacing the terminals of wire harness assembly machine, the power supply should be disconnected first, and then the replacement operation is strictly prohibited. During operation, if the terminal plate of the mold is stuck, use scissors or needles to remove it and continue to work. Therefore, selecting high-quality intelligent wire harness assembly machine can greatly improve efficiency.

crimping applicatorwire twist device

Key Parts Of Wire Harness Assembly Machine

Before starting, check whether the wire harness assembly machine is stable and flat, and whether the mold is installed and fixed. Whether the pedal socket and power socket are secure, whether the fixed terminal coil and terminal circuit are in the normal position, whether the fastener is loose, and whether the debugging wrench has been removed. Adjust the press height and test the press manually according to the direction of rotation. When adjusting the mold and tool holder, the power supply must be cut off for debugging.

automobile wire harness processing

Automobile Wire Harness Processing

When the wire harness assembly machine is working, it is forbidden to stand in front of the machine to prevent flying knife from hurting people. In case of failure of emergency equipment, the power supply must be cut off quickly, professional maintenance personnel should be invited to carry out maintenance, and shall not be dismantled by themselves. When the blade is lowered, the depth of entering the cutting groove must not exceed 2 mm, and the blade must not contact with the cutting groove. After turning off the computer, turn off the power switch and put away the adjustment tool.

operation panel of wire harness assembly machine

Smart Device for automobile wire harness assembly processing

In the production and processing process of using wire harness assembly machine, the use of cutting tools is very important. In the cutting process, the vibration of the tool is mainly manifested as the vibration phenomenon when the length is long and the workpiece is thin. In the process of high-speed cutting, a lot of noise will be produced, and it will also cause harm to the human body. The correct and rational use of this kind of wire harness assembly machine can greatly reduce noise and vibration.

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