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Good stability of Automatic Wire Harness Machine - JMK
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Automatic wire harness machine has good reliability, selecting AC servo motor for whole process, crimping force is stable, and the harness quality is ensured. The operation of automatic wire harness machine is stable and the output rate is high, which ensures the on-off characteristics of the wiring harness and row of the whole vehicle. There are a variety of ways to collide with the terminals of the automatic wire harness machine - the transformed organization can be used to change the pressure direction of the terminals on both sides of the flat cable, and can be used for one or two broadcasts, front and back broadcasts, left and right broadcasts, and spacing broadcasts. It is suitable for high precision car wire knots and all kinds of wiring terminals. Strong exchangeability, removable and exchangeable all kinds of grinding tools.

automatic wire harness machine

Highly Efficient Automatic Wire Harness Machine

Automatic wire harness machine is automatically identified by electronic computer, such as low air pressure, abnormal motor drive belt and so on. It automatically terminates when there is an anomaly, and displays information about common faults, so as to save time and effort for fault detection. Its characteristic is that the adjustment is technically simple, the adjustment time is short, and the adjustment time is greatly shortened. Touch the display screen to adjust the position of the terminal equipment to make the terminal more accurate and stable. Modularization simplifies the adjustment of equipment, the application of standard accessories, and low cost of maintenance. It is operated by high-end household appliances, and the design program flow is developed separately. it is easy to operate, easy to understand and practical.

full set of wire harness

Automatic Wire Harness Processing Result

The upper HIWIN guide rail is selected for wire cutting and stripping, and the full servo engineering construction tool table is equipped with imported high toughness aluminum alloy PVD coated tool head. The six knives are formed together for laser cutting and divorced from the actual operation. The machining accuracy can be as high as 0.01mm. Because the automatic wire harness machine uses the industrial production personal computer operating system, so the operation panel is simple and effective, also it can quickly grasp the actual operation of the equipment, then all parameters can be conveniently set and stored, and the actual operation commands display information by image, easy to visualize.

crimping applicatorcutting and stripping blades

Crimping Applicator of Automatic Wire Harness Machine

Automatic wire harness machine is adjusted according to the touch control of the touch display screen, including: thread length, opening length, semi-stripping length, tight twist length, twist length, tin dipping length and so on. SThe grinding tool of automatic wire harness machine is stable with no dry point and has a service life of more than five years. The useful life of leaves is 800-1.5 million times. The AC servo motor of the automatic wire harness machine controls the knife of the high-quality roller. Also there is no error in the length of peeling. And the automatic wire harness machine is more accurate and convenient. Automatic wire harness machine uses a high precision straightener, which can adjust the tightness and looseness of the straightening wheel to make the wire row smooth.

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