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What are the wearing parts of automatic crimping machine?
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Automatic machine is a kind of wire harness processing equipment which is very common in the market, Good capacity but price is not high, so it is very popular. Most automatic equipment will have vulnerable parts, and the terminal machine is no exception, but in order to ensure that the equipment can be replaced in time when the spare parts are damaged so as not to delay the production of the automatic crimping machine, it is also necessary to purchase some vulnerable parts as inventory in advance so as to avoid temporary purchase to delay the production of the wire harness. JMK usually sends some vulnerable parts at random when selling fully automatic crimping machine, but in order to ensure the long-term stable operation, let the editor introduce some vulnerable parts of automatic crimping machine as a reference.

automatic crimping machine
High speed automatic crimping machine

Why is there wearing parts of automatic crimping machine?

After the long-term operation of automatic crimping machine, whether it is embedded structure or external components, such as transmission belt, tool head wear is unavoidable, if not immediately dismantled and replaced will cause various components to cooperate with each other gap increase, sealing ineffective, docking loose, adjustment disorder, lack of precision and other problems, more accelerate parts wear, erosion, vibration, aging. 

This kind of automatic crimping machine is gradually formed and displayed in the long-term application, after the effective maintenance of the terminal crimping machine can reduce the wear and tear of spare parts, but can not avoid the composition of difficult problems. Therefore, the above wear and tear also belongs to all normal work wear and tear. 

automatic crimping machineautomotive wire harness

Fast cable stripping and terminal crimping process

Because the operators do not understand the operating rules of the equipment and know little about the maintenance of the automatic crimping machine, especially in the short term, the technical literacy of the employed personnel is low, the operation of the equipment is not standard, and they do not pay attention to the regulation and maintenance of the equipment. Blindly, the time limit is tight, grabbing progress, so that the mechanical equipment continues to be overloaded, or in a state of "sick" operation, resulting in traffic violations and other conditions, thus speeding up the wear and aging of terminal machine equipment.

What are the wearing parts of the automatic crimping machine?

1. The blades of automatic crimping machine.

Automatic crimping machine is a high-speed wire harness equipment, so it needs to cut and strip a large quantity of wire harness every day, so the blade is the core spare part of the terminal machine, so be sure to purchase enough blades in advance.

the blade of automatic crimping machine

The blade for cutting and stripping

2. crimping joints of the applicator.

Similarly, the automatic crimping machine needs to crimp a large number of wire harness to the terminals, so it is also necessary to prepare enough crimping joints for the crimping machine to replace at any time.

crimping applicator

Crimping Applicator

3. Timing belt of automatic crimping machine.

The belt is not easy to damage, but after being used for a long time, its wear and tear will reduce the accuracy of the automatic crimping machine or because the accidental fracture will affect the operation of the machine, so it is necessary to prepare some extra belts.

timing belt

Timing belt of cable feeding

4. Some rubber pad and ring at the link parts.

We will install some bushings and gaskets on the core parts of some terminal machines to protect the main accessories, such as the casing at the pull line and some rubber gaskets at the pin; normally, Esunq engineers will place some of these parts in the machine's toolbox in advance, but if they are from foreign users, we would recommend that we also purchase some of these spare parts for the normal use of the machine in the next few years.

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