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How To Pass The Acceptance of Automatic Crimping Machine
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Automatic crimping machine is the most common wire harness processing equipment, which is controlled by a precision full servo system, efficient and high speed. If the fully automatic crimping machine just bought is operated by the newcomer, it is recommended that the newcomer carefully read the operating flow specification for the use of the terminal machine and keep in mind the use process of the terminal machine. In this way, some failures caused by improper operation of newcomers can be avoided. Now we would like to introduce what kind of inspection should be done by the automatic crimping machine for acceptance?

automatic crimping machinewire harness with water seal

High Speed Terminal Crimping Machine

How To Pass The Acceptance of Automatic Crimping Machine.

General precautions: the automatic crimping machine has done a complete functional test before leaving the factory. Please check the following items in order after unpacking.

1. Whether the model of the fully automatic crimping machine is the model you ordered. 

2. When damage is caused during transportation, please do not connect and send electricity. 

3. If in the process of operating the automatic crimping machine, the terminal crimping machine is abnormal suddenly, or there is an abnormal, we must turn off the power supply, and ask professional maintenance personnel to check carefully. If you are not a professional maintenance personnel, do not disassemble and check it privately. 

automatic wire harness processing

Automatic wire harness processing

4. In order to maintain the performance of the automatic crimping machine, it is recommended that after using the terminal machine every day, there are special operators to clean the machine to remove dust and oil from the surface of the machine. If in the process of using the terminal crimping machine, it is found that the stamping of the terminal machine is not normal, it is necessary to apply some lubricating oil in time so as not to affect the performance of the terminal crimping machine. 

5. Each fully automatic crimping machine has a QC chapter for inspection. If there is no such chapter, please do not connect and send electricity to the terminal machine.

terminal crimpercrimping applicator

Terminal crimping station and applicator

Automatic crimping machine safety precautions: 

Please read this manual carefully before installation, operation, maintenance and inspection. 
In addition, only those with professional qualifications can work on the assembly line. 

The safety precautions in the manual can be divided into "warning" and "attention". 
Warning: indicates a possible dangerous situation, such as neglect will result in death or major injury. 
Note: indicates possible dangerous situation, if not ruled out, will cause minor or minor damage to personnel and damage to machinery and equipment. 

Therefore, you should read this manual carefully before using this fully automatic crimping machine. 
Note: please give this instruction manual to the user to make the automatic crimping machine effective.

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