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One Minute To Understand Terminal Crimping Machine With Tin
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Terminal crimping machine with tinning function is a kind of automatic equipment which is widely used in wire harness processing industry and replace man work. And it integrates many functions such as wire cutting, wire stripping, end crimping and so on, which greatly improves the market efficiency of the enterprise, so it is necessary to start from the power and type of a suitable automatic single-end tin terminal crimping machine, because the specifications of the equipment are different, and there will be many kinds, considering the different components to be welded, it is more necessary to choose a fully automatic single-end tin terminal crimping machine. This directly affects the work efficiency and product quality of the enterprise.

terminal crimping machine with tin

Automatic Single End Tinning Terminal Crimping Machine

When its working, the automatic single-end tin terminal crimping machine must work correctly according to the operation flow, and adjust the parameters of the product before starting the operation, so as to avoid unnecessary trouble in the later stage. When not in use, be sure to keep enough tin in the iron cooker.

Automatic single-end tin terminal crimping machine should clean up the furnace regularly. If it is not cleaned for a long time, the content of impurities in the furnace will become more and more, which will cause excessive tin slag discharge in the later stage, and the tin slag discharge will also become abnormal. When cleaning the wave furnace, to clean up every part of the equipment, be sure to pour out all the tin in the furnace, clean up all the tin in the furnace, and then install each part correctly after the cleaning work is finished. add new tin bars and you can work normally again.

terminal crimping machineautomatic crimping machine

High Quality Cable Stripping and Terminal Crimping Solution

Advantages of fully automatic tinning terminal crimping machine:

First, compared with semi-automatic and old workers, it can save 2-3 workers and save human resources.

Second, very stable, only after the completion of the initial commissioning, usually more maintenance, can continue to use for a long time, compared with the unstable factors of workers, the gap between the two is very large.

cable harness assembly processing

Wire Harness Assembly Processing

Third, the automatic tinning terminal crimping machine is equipped with protective devices to reduce the incidence of work-related injuries.

Fourth, the output is high, and the output of a fully automatic tinning terminal crimping machine is more than three times that of human hands.

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