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News flash|JMK Intelligence Partnership with BYD Automobile
 2023-06-06  614

News flash | JMK Intelligence has reached a strategic partnership with BYD Automobile.

The wire harness is the blood vessel and nervous system of the car. 

Under the global goal of "carbon neutralization", the new energy industry ushered in a historic opportunity for development. With the help of policy-driven and green procurement, it will greatly benefit the rapid development of the whole industry chain of new energy and automobile wiring harness.

JMK Intelligent Automotive Harness Automatic Assembly Processing Equipment

JMK Intelligence, specializing in automotive wire harness automatic processing equipment solutions and R & D and manufacturing. 
This time, BYD Automotive Industry Co., Ltd. has reached friendly cooperation with our company on the automatic processing equipment of automobile wiring harness. Joining the ranks of front-line suppliers of new energy vehicles is not only a recognition of our products and services, but also will encourage us to continue to explore and innovate, give full play to our professional advantages in the field of wire harness automation, and make positive contributions to the intelligent development of automobile wiring harness industry.

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