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How Does Connector Insert Housing Machine Work?
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Connector insert housing machine is also known as automatic terminal crimping and connector insertion machine, it is important wire harness assembly equipment, also we call it as multi-core wire automatic rubber connector inserting machine, which can process 1 or more multi-core wires at the same time, and the actions of cutting, stripping, crimping and inserting rubber connector can be completed at one time, and the fully automatic computer operation is not required. Next, we would like to share about the processing process of the rubber connector insert housing machine and what are the bad conditions.

connector insert housing machine

Fully Automatic Mult-ends Terminal Crimping and Insert housing machine

The working process of connector insert housing machine:

Connector insert housing machine is a kind of automatic processing equipment which is widely used in the wire harness processing industry, which can realize many functions, such as automatic stripping, tin dipping, crimping, twisting and so on. Further more it is a kind of automatic equipment, which can hit the wire harness automatically, and various operations can be carried out quickly through the rubber shell. 

Various parameters should be adjusted before operation to achieve the desired results. After the operation of the equipment, due to timely cleaning of sundries on the equipment table to prevent sundries from falling into the running part of the equipment and getting stuck. When the equipment is not applicable, taking protective measures can prolong the service life of the mechanical equipment. 

automotive wire harness processing

Automotive Wire Harness Assembly Processing

Note of operation:

When operating any mechanical equipment, safety should be put first. 

It is strictly forbidden to extend the body parts into the interior or running parts of the equipment during the operation of the mechanical equipment.

operation of connect insert housing machineconnector insert housing machine

How Does Connector Insert Housing Machine Work

What are the bad conditions of connector insert housing machine? 

1. Poor appearance caused by coating spalling, corrosion, bruising, plastic shell flying edge, rupture, rough processing of contact parts, deformation and so on. 

2. The positioning lock of the automatic rubber connector insert housing machine has the advantages of poor fit size, poor consistency of processing quality, excessive total separation force and poor interchange. 

3. Due to material, design, process and other reasons, the abnormal separation between plug and socket will lead to the interruption of computer stripping electromechanical energy transmission and signal control of the control system. 

4. Due to unreliable design, wrong material selection, improper selection of forming process, heat treatment of automatic rubber connector insert housing machine, poor process quality, such as mold, assembly, welding, etc., assembly is not in place, and so on. 

5. Wrong line sequence for inserting plastic connector. If the No. 1 hole should be inserted, it should be mistakenly inserted into the No. 2 hole next to the plastic shell, resulting in a wire harness mismatch.

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