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New Customer from Brazil For Wire Harness Processing Machine
 2023-07-03  494

Wire Harness Processing Machine is very important industry equipment, JMK focus on Harness Solution, R & D and manufacture of automatic processing equipment. With the rapid development of the company and the surge of business to cater to the new energy international market, JMK Intelligence has actively expanded the overseas market on the basis of constantly opening up and consolidating the domestic market, and has attracted many foreign customers to visit and negotiate business.

Customer from Brazil

Brazil Customer Visit Us About Wire Harness Processing Machine - JM-555A

Poland Customer

Poland Customer

In July 2023, customers from Brazil visited our company for a field visit. Accompanied by the warm reception and company of JMK intelligent staff, we visited our wire harness automation equipment assembly workshop and machining workshop, and highly recognized the overall strength of the company. During the visit, the relevant technical personnel of the company gave meticulous answers to all kinds of questions raised by the customers, and their rich professional knowledge impressed the customers deeply.

wire harness processing machine

High Speed Automatic Terminal Crimping Wire Harness Processing Machine

During this visit, Brazilian customers expressed strong interest and willingness to purchase the fully automatic terminal crimping machine, which is the latest automobile wire harness processing equipment developed by JMK Intelligence, and tried it on the spot. Customers highly appreciated our mature automation technology and quality management, and expressed the hope that further cooperation can be carried out in the future, both sides on the current market conditions and business needs. And the establishment of long-term cooperative relations had an in-depth exchange of views and reached a consensus on cooperation.

JMK Intelligence will continue to adhere to the business philosophy of "quality-oriented and customer-centered", with a more rigorous working attitude, with our high-quality products and services to face the international market, broaden our international vision, and constantly improve and develop. push JMK Intelligence to the world stage and provide better products and services for global customers

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