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How To Operate Automatic Wire Crimping Machine safety
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Automatic Wire Crimping Machine

Automatic Wire crimping machine is the most important equipment in wire harness process. functions include cut and strip, terminal crimp and terminal insertion. It is of great use in modern society. Of course, in the process of using the equipment, for all users, there are a lot of things that need to be paid attention to. Only after paying attention to such things, can we make better use of this product. Then there are a lot of things to pay attention to. Next, let's introduce the safety operation rules of the fully automatic terminal machine in detail.

automatic wire crimping machine

Matters needing attention in safe operation of fully automatic wire crimping machine.

1. Before turning on the machine.

Before operating the fully automatic terminal machine, we must pay attention to the relevant preparatory work in advance. it is necessary to make a detailed inspection of the equipment to see if the internal parts are loose, and to see if all aspects of the equipment are in a normal state. It is very important to start the use of the equipment only in a normal state, which is very important and must be paid attention to.

2. In operation.

In the process of the actual operation of the fully automatic crimping machine, some practical operation schemes also need to be further understood. It is best to specify a good plan and plan according to your actual needs before the actual operation, which is also more helpful to the users. During the operation, if you need to leave the job, you must turn off the power supply before you can leave. When changing the terminal, you must first disconnect the power supply, and then carry out the replacement operation, which is strictly forbidden to be replaced during the operation of the machine. If the terminal is stuck in the knife mold, it must be removed with scissors or pick-up needle before continuing with the operation.

3. More Details.

Non-designated personnel are not allowed to debug or disassemble machine parts without authorization. During the operation, the power supply of the machine is not disconnected, and it is forbidden to enter the stamping range of fingers or any part of the body, so as not to cause industrial accidents. For some common problems of the automatic terminal machine need to be understood, only in this way can we better deal with some unexpected situations that may occur in the use of the equipment, and have a better role and effect.

Safety operation procedure of fully automatic terminal machine.

1. Turn on the system.

Turn on the power switch of the terminal machine and the power indicator light is on.

2. Pay attention to abnormal noise.

Pay attention to whether there is any obvious abnormal noise inside and outside the machine. if there is a suspension of operation, ask the mechanic to determine whether it is in need of maintenance.

3. Install the knife.

The selection and installation of the knife is operated by the designated person. before the knife is installed, the matching of the selected blade must be manually compared, and the knife can be installed after the knife is correct. after the knife is installed, the manual test must be used. first, turn off the power of the terminal machine, press the down-die button, and use a special hand to assist the main follower to maximize the stamping stroke of the terminal machine. if the hand is immovable, consider whether the pressure is too high or other problems, check the debug OK.
Check the locking screws and make sure there is no loosening before operation.

4. Loading material.

Install the terminal that needs to be hit, use the inner hexagonal sheet hand to adjust the feed pressure plate, so that the terminal can pass easily, visually see whether the feeding position is suitable, adjust it if not, use the inner hexagonal sheet hand to loosen the feeder locking screw, twist the adjusting screw to adjust to the best condition, then lock the feeder locking screw and start the operation.

5. Test the pulling force.

After adjusting the OK, take the scrap wire to try and test the tension. The main reference value can be seen in the "tension Test comparison Table". The specific operation methods are as follows: press the tension test return key to zero, clamp the terminal wire that needs to be tested, and test it. If the measured tension is not within the standard range, please re-adjust until the standard is reached.

6. Small batch trial production.

The trial production 10PCS shall be sent to IPQC for first confirmation and inspection of OK before mass production can be carried out. During the production process, the operator must self-check whether the terminal is covered with glue, lifting force and other adverse phenomena, and carry out the terminal tension test every other hour.

7. End of production 5S.

After the completion of production, sort out the good products, waste and defective products, and clean up the environmental hygiene around the machine.
For the 5S work after the end of production is more important, whether it is the terminal machine or hollow coil winding machine all need to pay attention to.

When using the fully automatic terminal machine, there are many things to pay attention to. For the majority of users, the above aspects need to be mastered, and only in this way can we better complete the operation. For our wire harness manufacturers, it is necessary to make the above contents into the safety operation rules of the fully automatic terminal machine, so it is more standardized.If you do encounter problems in the course of use, you might as well refer to the "failure and solution of fully automatic Terminal Wire Crimping Machine".

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